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Subscription free satellite TV. We'll fit and fix Freesat.

The thrills of digital TV without the monthly bills. That’s the beauty of Freesat, and it helps explain its popularity.

Freesat Installer In Essex

You might not know that there are actually 2 different Freesat services available:

FREESAT from the BBC and ITV: Enjoy over 200 TV and radio channels, plus on-demand services. You can also pause and rewind live TV and access HD channels.

FREESAT from SKY: Over 240 digital TV and 85 digital radio channels, 11 in HD, plus the ability to control and record live TV.

As you might expect, Freesat requires you to have a satellite dish on your roof or side of your building. But once the dish is up, the service will serve up a great variety of entertainment.

We do Freesat installations and repairs

If you want Freesat, you just pay a one-off installation and set-up fee and that’s it. We’ll help you decide which Freesat service is best for you and install the kit you need to make it happen. If you need a new dish, we’ll install one for you. And bring the set-top box if your TV doesn’t have Freesat pre-installed. And if something’s gone wrong with your Freesat service, or the good old British weather has knocked your satellite dish off course, give us a call and we’ll come round to fix it.

Want Multi-room Freesat? Call Essex Aerial Solutions

With so many channels to pick from, there’s bound to be occasions when people want to watch different channels at the same time. Either someone has to record their show and wait, or you can set-up Freesat in multiple rooms, so everyone can get to watch what they want, when they want to. If you choose this latter option, be sure to call us and we’ll help make multi-room Freesat happen in your home.

We supply Freesat in Essex

Freesat Support And Maintenance

Businesses across Essex and the surrounding area find our Freesat support and maintenance service particularly useful in helping make sure their service stays working at its best. It only costs a small fee each year, and is well worth calling us about.

Why You Should Call Essex Aerial Solutions For Freesat

Broad Expertise – our Technicians know all about both forms of Freesat so are the ones to rely on whenever you need advice, installations or repairs.

On Your Doorstep – being based locally, we know your area, know how to get the best satellite TV reception and can be on your doorstep faster than most.

Same Day Freesat Service – if you want an installation in a hurry or repairs in a rush, call us first to see just how quick we are.

One Year Guarantee – all the work our Engineers do and the parts they use are guaranteed for 12 months. So you know you’re getting the best.

For Freesat repairs, installations and upgrades, call 0800 559 3914.

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